Adaptogens, alimentation and posology

Healing with adaptogen plants. Miracle herbs to improve your health.

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healing with adaptogens

Adaptogens can be used also in many health protocols to support the treatment of diseases and chronic conditions. An adaptogen by itself is not able to cure serious illnesses like cancer or AIDS but it can quicken the healing process, reducing the inflammation and normalizing the overall body response.

While most adaptogen herbs and substances are considered safe and nontoxic to consume, as said it is important to seek the advices of herbalist professionals especially if you are taking prescription medications or in case of a serious health condition.

For a complete overview on adaptogens, posology and clinical case histories we recommend to follow David Winston and Steven Maimes’s experience in clinical herbal practice reported in the book “Adaptogens. Herbal for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief” edited by Healing Arts Press 2007.

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