Adaptogens, alimentation and posology

Bio-Hacking with adaptogen plants to improve your health.

A better you with Adaptogen Plants

what are adaptogen plants

Adaptogens are certainly an “everyday every moment” type of supplement for healthy individuals: they can use adaptogens on a daily basis. There is no specific recommendation on when is the best moment of the day to intake adaptogens as long as you pay attention to moments when you are sick. If you have a specific illness it is better to follow the recommendations of a specialist on herbs, who can suggest for you a targeted protocol. Instead if you are a healthy individual, adaptogens works to give the body a general tune-up and help prevent illness, boost energy, improve mood, and optimize health in many other important ways. They will also help to improve both mental and physical endurance for those who need it, such as mentally engaged workers, athletes, women during their period and people who need to maintain their mental concentration throughout the day. Using adaptogens will work best for those of us that eat a healthy diet, get sufficient exercise and sleep, and engage in other healthy lifestyle practices. Children can intake adaptogens as much as adults. Adaptogenic herbs are not a way to significantly offset the negative affects of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Adaptogens are instead an effective way to “gain control” of our health “hacking” our own biology to be at our best using our body potential.

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