Stress effect and human health

“The Endocrine System” and "The General Adaptation Syndrome"

“The endocrine system”

what are adaptogen plants

How the stress affects our body? Whilst the majority of people think to stress and anxiety as a mental health disorder, this article investigate on its consequences on the entire body. Every organ of our body, in fact, releases hormones as a result of stress. This detailed article analyses the structure and the function of the endocrine system and its relation with stress.

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Credits: “The Endocrine System”, Lumen Learning

General Adaptation Syndrome

"The General Adaptation Syndrome"

Hans Selye invented the term “General Adaptation Syndrome” in 1932, to explain the stress response and how the permanent exposure to stress can cause aging and disease. The General Adaptation Syndrome is a model with three stages, each one describe the body’s response to stress: “The Alarm Stage”; “The Resistance Stage”; “The Exhaustion Stage”

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Credits: “General Adaptation Syndrome”, Sarah Mae Sincero, Explorable.