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Fine-tuning the stress response with adaptogen plants

All you need to know about Adaptogens, the stress fighters.

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Recent researches have showed that certain kind of herbs with adaptogenic properties help us to modulate the release of cortisol building up adaptive energy and enhance overall vitality. Adaptogenic plants work in a natural way to restore hypothalamic sensitivity so that far less cortisol is required. They do this by affecting at neuroendocrine level the feedback control mechanism making it more responsive so that the hormonal feedback response is cut off faster. Basically adaptogens reduce stress reactions in the alarm phase, thereby delaying or avoiding the exhaustion stage. Adaptogens recharge the adrenal glands, which are the body’s mechanism for responding to stress and emotional changes. This helps the body to defend itself against the adverse effects of stress. Adaptogens also fine tune and make the best use of resources to keep the body in balance and prepare the body to resume homeostasis after stress are removed. For all these reasons plants with adaptogenic properties are widely used as a natural method for achieving a sense of balance through our bodies’ chemistry.